Philadelphia and Grilled Cheese

We’ve not long been back from launching our books at the CEC Conference in Philadelphia. Here are 13 things we learnt from our trip to the City of Brotherly Love…

1. The breakfasts at the Dutch Eating Place in Reading Market are huge.

2. There seemed to be an awful lot of runners pounding the streets in Philly.

3. People didn’t seem to mind when we didn’t know how to pay the bus fare/find our way around/work out the American coins/order drinks and went out of their way to help.

4. Cheesesteak is a meat and cheese sandwich.

5. People were really friendly (thanks especially to the person who helped us find the post-office!)

6. The USPS staff were great even though we arrived there after it should have closed.

7. How great is was to talk to so many people from all across the States and Canada.

8. How positive and excited people were about the books – which made us even more positive and excited!

9. The 8am bus in Rittenhouse Square doesn’t stop if the bus is full. Nor do the next two buses after that.

10. That people really do seem to like an English accent.

11. Teachers we met loved the idea that our books are data rich and record evidence of learning.

12. If you don’t get there early, the queue for the grilled cheese sandwiches in Reading Market will be too long and you’ll miss lunch.

13. We still don’t know how good the grilled cheese sandwiches tasted.

Finally, it was a real pleasure to meet so many enthusiastic teachers at the CEC exhibition. Thank you so much to those that came along and said hello – I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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